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Our company can undertake the catering of your corporate reception or party whether it will be held in an estate, hall or venue, either at your company's headquarters despite the number of guests.

The special occasion menu may include the following that suits the style of the event.

You have the choice of traditional or modern recipes of Greek cuisine, creative Mediterranean dishes, Italian recipes and sophisticated French cuisine. At the same time, if you wish to "travel" with exotic flavors, we may prepare Chinese or Polynesian cuisine and authentic sushi. Of course, there is also the classic option of tried-and-tested Barbeque dishes.

In addition to the preparation and transport of the food and beverages you desire, we also undertake the following necessary services: provision of banquets and the necessary utensils and dishes, the necessary human resources including maîtres, chefs and waiters.

The company has in recent years implemented a number of corporate events for both the private and the public sector.

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